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Join hands and hearts with us to serve lives and communities. 

Volunteering with us

Thank you for your interest to Volunteer with the Master Chimbala Foundation. We welcome Volunteers to serve with us because the harvest of reaching out to people is enormous. We believe that when we combine our hearts, minds and hands we build stronger ways to reach our key beneficiaries in strategic and sustainable ways. 

Our ideology of Volunteering is that the experience and journey should always be unlimited, flexible, diverse, modifiable and accessible. A good Volunteer program should provide full guidance, information and customization for the remarkable Volunteer experience. We aim to deliver such framework for our Volunteers including local, abroad and overseas Volunteer candidates. 

Our works range in various aspects, regions, communities, fraternities, industries, families, age-groups, services, ministries and sex. We encourage everyone who is seeking a place to Volunteer with the Foundation to thoroughly and adequately share their aspirations, goals, needs, interests, talents and other attributes of their Volunteer wishes. Our Volunteer program is designed for persons from the age of 21 years. Where a candidate is 18 to 20 years old, their application must be accompanied with appropriate documentation from sponsors, guardians and other  relevant key stakeholders. 

Some of our Programs for you

You are welcome to choose as many programs as you wish. 

You will find a longer list on your application form below

Communities & Families

Reaching out  to communities

face, black child, child

Children & Youths

Embracing the young

Nature & Development

Pursuing Growth

Logistics for Volunteers

We provide guidance to Volunteer applicants along the process of mobilizing and securing necessary documents, permits, transportation, accommodation, upkeep, health, recreation, tourism, adventures, education and orientations.

To achieve a complete volunteer journey we invite aspirants to mobilize all the necessary requirements for the Volunteer experience in Africa. 

Apply Below

Register for your next Volunteer position with us

Share a bit on any forms of education, skills, learning, workshops and seminars that you have so far attended.
Share a bit on any kinds of works you have done in any area. This shall help us link some of your areas of strength with our organizational needs.
Share any reasons and goals for pursuing to serve as a Volunteer with the Foundation.