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Become a Community Mentor

Join us to support, inspire and guide our children & youths.

About the Community Mentorship Programme

The Community Mentorship programme is designed to support, teach, inspire and nurture children and youths towards successful personal leadership, positive mindsets, good attitudes, resilience, discipline, positive aspirations and sense of responsibility. Today’s young people are lost to alcohol, tobacco and drugs of all kinds. Their behaviours and priorities deter them from pursuing or reaching the heights of their potential. And so, many adolescents and youths being lost determine future adult generations that are doomed to fail society’s identity and sustainability.

Obssessions with and addictions to various illicit substances have fallen even into children as young as 8 years old. We however believe that when young people are given the opportunity to grow and inspired to discover themselves they get to found their own lives and sharpen their own great futures. This programme seeks to build young generations of the young into responsible, healthy, and productive members of the society. The Community Mentors’ Training  Course is carried out Acme Mastering Institute, a partner of the Foundation in the scope of Talks, Counseling, Mentorship, Training and Coaching. The training marathon is practical and is delivered through diverse encounters in different places, tasks, challenges, communities, teams and situations. 

The Volunteer Mentors

Volunteer Community Mentors facilitate the mentorship journeys of their local teams.

Scope of the Community Mentor

People who are interested in becoming community mentors under this programme must commit to fullfiling the requirements and guidelines of the programme without any compromise. This engagement does NOT pay any wages, salaries or allowances in whatsoever terms, materials or rewards. We therefore only welcome serious participants who wish to contribute voluntarily to join. Persons who wish to join simply to pass time are not welcome. 

Please take note that this is not a programme to mentor mentees, NO. It is a programme that enrolls and trains actual local community mentors who through their training get to deliver mentorship for mentees in their communities. This programme therefore begins with the enrolment into the training process then links further to initiating actual mentorship in the communities. For one to quality as a Community Mentor they must possess the qualities and characteristics necessary to serve, lead, facilitate and teach a community class along a learning journey.

All Mentors must mentor members within their own community. One’s availability is vital to make their participation possible and successful. The training process is ongoing and carries diverse sessions, activities, outreaches, tasks, interactions and assignments. Would-be Community Mentors must therefore be willing to carry this journey all the way to completion of the programme.

Wanna Take the Steps?

01. Enroll

02. Train

03. Serve

Apply to become a

Community Mentor


Some training sessions, assignments and outraeches shall be carried out through online platforms.
e.g. Facebook Page: Chimbala Foundation, Facebok Group: Help Prevent Suicide Today, Instagram: Chimbala Foundation
What do you currently do?
e.g. Zambian
e.g. Kafue, Kaoma, Choma
e.g. Matero, Kabulonga, Chawama, Mtendere
Share a bit on any forms of education, skills, learning, workshops and seminars that you have so far attended.
Share a bit on any kinds of works you have done in any area. This shall help us link some of your areas of strength with various aspects of the mentorship outreaches.
Share any reasons and goals for pursuing to serve as a Volunteer Mentor with the Foundation.
If all 3, please select them all.