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Tobacco Control Program

Saving lives from the affliction of Tobacco 

#QuitTobacco #ChimbalaQuitTobacco

Therapeutic Counseling

Transformational and inspirational counselling

Education & Careers Success

Career guidance, planning, opportunities and pathways

Strategic Personal Life Forecast & Goals

Sustaining change, comprehensive life planning

Entrepreneurship Pursuits

Create ideas, start-develop-manage businesses

Family, Community & Society

Resuscitation, Reconciliation, Reintegration, Resilience


Create jobs, find jobs, success with jobs

Steps to Advancing Change

Dealing with Tobacco

Legislation. Advocacy. Education. Marketing. Distribution. Consumption.

This program seeks to address matters of tobacco with a comprehensive focus on legislation, farming, processing, packaging, branding, distribution, marketing, advertising, promotions, sales, taxation, CSR, reporting, research, education and behavioural change towards cessation.

Media & Outreaches

The Foundation’s Life Rehabilitation Programme delivers sensitization and education content to inform, inspire and challenge people towards personal transformation through diverse rehabilitation adventures. The media and outreach activities are designed and carried-out in packaging that fits diverse platforms. Content is run on TV, Radio, Online, via Text Messages, Emails and Newsletters. 

Outreach ventures are carried out locally among groups, families, schools, faith groupings, individuals and the general communities. The media and outreach spaces provide content that inspires and guides cessation steps for individuals seeking to quit consuming of tobacco products. 

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The Building Life Show

TV & Onlne

radio, playing, antenna

The Building Life Show


Building Life Support Group

Community support group

Building Life Outreach

Community Awareness Outreaches

Learn. Change. Inspire.

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