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Welcome to

The Poetry Battle

Season 1

Welcome to the Let Me Breath, Pass The Tobacco Control Bill

About The Competition

The Let Me Breathe, Pass the Tobacco Control Bill POETRY BATTLE is a contest of various talents in poetry. The thematic focus is on Tobacco Control, which is inspired Zambia’s desperate need to address the harms of tobacco to the entire society. Beyond behavioural change among consumers of tobacco products, the theme focuses on the advocacy message to Zambia’s decision-makers to pass the Tobacco Control Bill, a necessary and critical legislative measure towards realising and achieving a healthier, more responsible and more productive citizenry.

Participating poets should take prime interest in learning about tobacco, its harmful effects on society, and the various ways to address improving the unhealthy consequences fostered tobacco in Zambia. Above all solutions and ideas, the key is to enact the Tobacco Control Bill, a fundamental piece of legislation drawn from the World Health Organisation Framework Convention on Tobacco Control (WHO FCTC), to which Zambia signed in May 2008. This campaign is primarily focused on advancing this cause. The enactment of the Tobacco Control Bill will reduce the over 7,000 lives killed tobacco every year, and change the economics of losing over K2.8 billion annually due to tobacco.

In tackling this poetry battle, the poets are encouraged and challenged to go through various sources of tobacco control documentation to get facts and guidance on the subject matter. The poets shall be provided with the necessary links, documents and awareness training on the same.

Look through all the details and schedules of this poetry battle and confirm your full availability to participate in all the stages of the competition. 

This is Gilbert.

This is Uchizi.

This is The Mystery Diary.

This is Fearless.

This is Kreed.

This is Alpha.

Everyone is a winner!

Awards and Prizes

The final Poetry Battle shall award 2 top winning finalists. All participating poets shall be recognized and celebrated for being part of the poetry journey.


Awarded a Trophy, Cash, A Certificate of The First Best Poet Award, and an inspirational book.


Awarded a Shield, Cash, A Certificate of The Second Best Poet Award, and an inspirational book.

Graduate Honor of Participation for All

Awarded a Badge of Honor, A Certificate of Successful Participation and an Inspirational Book.

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Champions of Change are the agency of voice for the voiceless masses, the suffering citizens, societal ills scourging our nation; the Champions are the people with keen desire to build a better Zambia taking full personal responsibility and leadership to addressing our challenges as a society.