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We seek to effect positive transformation and empowerment of children, youths and families.

Some of our programs


STOP Child Marriages

Gardens of Life

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Scouts Program

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Village Libraries

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Home Start Program

Back Home Street Child

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Redemption for Sex Workers

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Job Connect

Life Rehab

Join us carry young people form the addictions of alcohol and drugs towards sobriety, health, education and enterprise.

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Education Support

Work with us to empower children and youths with education, entrepreneurship seeds, mentorship and coaching towards personal growth.

Amplifying Programs

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Street Kitchen
Food Program

Providing healthy meals and water to the hungry and thirsty homeless adults, street children and other highly economically challenged street dwellers.

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Family Support
Uplift Program

Helping struggling families with core necessities such shelter, food, health, access to water for their livelihoods, sustainability and family development.

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Street Children Back Home Program

Re-integrating Street Children into homes, families, communities, schools, faith guidance, access to health, child play, talents, skills and other key social linkages.

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Pixels of Pillars

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Alcohol & Drug Rehab


Our Billion Trees

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Teen Safe Health & Lifestyle


Support One Step

By supporting just one step we can together empower the individual and the family to carry their journey into sustainability and development. We are running the ‘Support One Step’ program in order to equip key pillars of families and communities. Our fundamental principle of support seats on indigenous capacities, self-exploration, hard-work, self-led-solutions and transformative empowerment.

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Children as young as 9 years old are drowning in alcohol and drug abuse. What else could be happening? Much more and worse! Help us support the journey of Children and Youths towards sobriety and personal change from drug addiction and alcohol abuse. 

Goal: $5500

Help us sustain the well-being of children and youths as we move them from the streets into safe homes, getting them into school and integrating them with vital community support systems, healthcare, clothing, livelihoods and sustenance.

Goal: $7000