Sons & Daughters

Sons and Daughters is a network of young people under the umbrella guardianship of the Master Chimbala Foundation

Our Activities


Reaching out with consistent support, listening, updates, counsel and care.


Sons and daughters engage in productive social interactions.


Sons and Daughters reach out to families and community.


Members share inspirational experiences and life lessons. 


Special camps designed to motivate and mentor educational aspirations.


Sons and Daughters interact with senior members and volunteers


Saturday, 12th December 2020
09:00 hours to 12:00 hours

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In crossing the different terrains of life we encounter other people who also seek to change the avenues of their lives so as to escape challenges and suffering towards a measure of triumph. A great many such people are simply children and youths. The sight of their plight is heavily painful and their hopeful fight yearns into emptiness. 

Our Sons and Daughters program seeks to provide additional guardianship to the young people so as to enable their growing-up experiences to be warmer and closer to complete. The Sons and Daughters also experience encounters of brothers and sisters as well as uncles and aunties right within the foundation’s family network. Such a support system helps the Sons and Daughters of this program to acquire mentorship, guidance, counsel and support from a massive cadre of trustworthy and experienced well-meaning people.

It's about family and more

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Join the family and support the journeys of our sons and daughters.

Upcoming Events

12th December 2020

Family Tea & Coffee Catch-up

Be part of the network friends meeting for cake, teas and coffees as we embrace the closure of 2020 and welcome the opening of the great 2021.

30th January 2021

Together Meet & Greet EXPO Party

Join the family with your books, ideas, works, music, awards and more; we want to support and celebrate you and your works.

24th April 2021

Picnic Games & Sports

It is play time for everyone. Be part of the fun. Be a child one more time and be free to enjoy spirited and motivational games and ports.

24th July 2021

Charity For Children Dinner

Let us mobilize support for needy children and families in various poor communities. Get yourself a seat plus one more for your guest.

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