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Social Protection Programme

Addressing poverty, inequalities and vulnerabilities

For All

Access. Justice. Sustainable Development. Inclusion.

Social Protection is paramount in making human rights alive for all citizens. When governance aims at achieve comprehensive Social Protection it then become easier to perfect vital programmes such as employment streams, pension schemes, informal sector workers inclusion, minority groups integration, cash transfers initiatives, and many more.

Our Thought

In a society where various communities are constantly left out of the opportunities for livelihoods, development and wellbeing, situations of poverty, inequalities and vulnerabilities increase. The strategic focus mush therefore evaluate the status of the least covered persons, families and communities in order to amplify specific aspects of policies, programmes and services to the certain parts of constituents.

One of the unfortunate reasons for continued inadequacies of existing Social Protection initiatives is that they are not conceptualized towards achieving long-term comprehensive coverage of the individual, the family, the community and specific populations of particular needs. Social Protection ideas must be based on thorough research, analyses and strategic design for them to truly alleviate the footprints of endangerment, inadequacies, suffering, exposure to risks and imbalances.

To achieve higher Social Protection strides Zambia must foster functional structures around proven systems, with working mechanisms targeted at beneficiaries collated with needs which altogether deliver a holistic coverage for all citizens.

WHY Social Protection?

Without Social Protection people are left without access to basic needs and safeguards to their rights for a decent standard of living. As a Foundation we focus on Social Protection because it matters in the pursuit of a safer, healthier, happier and more productive society. 

The Master Chimbala Foundation pursues to achieve a society where Social Protection is embodied relevant policies, effective programmes and supportive services that enhance inclusion and access to essential services and social welfare. 

We believe that a good Social Protection system should remedy the gaps and needs in the social services delivery mechanism in order to address and reduce inequalities, vulnerabilities and poverty levels.

Our Scope of Interest in Social Protection and Justice

The Foundation’s focus on Social Protection in 3 Perspectives.

Social Security Deliverables

Reaching out  to families & communities

Social Security Programmes

Comprehensive Initiatives

Effective Operationalisation

Adancing Change

Social Protection Outlook

Social Protection through the lenses of the Foundation.

01. Policies

02. Programmes

03. Services

Social Protection is a

Human Right.

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