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Redemption for Sex Workers

Change is Power


Redemption for Sex Workers is a Life-transforming and empowering program of the Master Chimbala Foundation dedicated to restoring the lives of sex workers into homes, jobs, entrepreneurship and better lifestyles.

Most sex workers in Zambia pursue the trade because of economic challenges. Whenever given an alternative means of income these ladies have opted out of the sex business without hesitation. 

The Master Chimbala Foundation takes a journey of reaching out to sex workers who parade the streets, lodging places and communities, even in brothels. Through the Redemption program we connect the enrolled candidates to transformational counseling, personal empowerment, career opportunities, talent development, education prospects, family establishment and social-economic networks.


14 Steps

14 Steps

14 Steps


Redemption for Sex Workers presents hope and second chance. I am glad this program is running to elevate the life the women in crises, Keep going!

Community Worker

Sex Workers are often treated as rejects; this program brings respect and compassion to help these ladies towards growth and fulfilment.