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Quit Tobacco


Get Your Life Back Today

27th November 2022  to 18th December 2022

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Quit Tobacco Marathon

Time for Change

If you are wish to quit consuming Tobacco Products then you are welcome to join the Quit Tobacco Marathon, an online change programme engineered to support your journey of change. Take the right step and apply to participate along this great journey of positive change. 

The Master Chimbala Foundation has developed a FREE programme that helps people transition from tobacco-consumption to good health and sobriety. The programme runs online for a period of 3 weeks, thus 21 days starting from the 27th of November 2022 to the 18th of December 2022. To apply simply fill-in the form below and press submit. We are glad you are joining us.

Applications Deadline: 21st November 2022.

It is your own journey!

Awareness & Education

Building personal awareness on knowledge about Tobacco and the journey of change

Personal Counseling & Change

Support your cessation journey with personal change counseling

Personal Health

Administering personal fitness, balanced nutrition and good health

Building Discipline & Will-Power

Create ideas, start-develop-manage businesses

Life Planning

Setting yourself for the long-term life forecast with your own goals

Family, Community & Society

Achieve healthy relationships with family, friends and community

Key Activities

Apply Below

Applications Deadline: 21st November 2022.

Learn. Change. Inspire.

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