Prison Outreach

Reaching out to people serving time in prisons and correction facilities

Scopes of Outreach

Outreach activities and services are determined by needs in different situations


Improved spaces for housing, kitchen, administration, Security and general Environment.

Safe and Secure Housing

Administration Capacity

Fitness, Food & Health

Amplified access to healthy nutrition, foodstuffs, toiletries, medication and general upkeep.

Food Supply and Medical Health

Healthy Upkeep

Counseling & Mentorship

Delivering counseling and mentorship for transformative and personal growth.

Motivational & Mindset Therapy

Behavioural Change

Integration into Society

Building healthy linkages with family, community, faith organizations, social clubs & more.

Community Settling

Positive Participation

Livelihoods & Sustenance

Mobilizing empowerment capacity for continuity of life after being freed from incarceration facilities.

Income and Upkeep

Business & Jobs


Engagement in vocational, academic and social educational programs for personal development.

Careers and Success

Academic Pursuits

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