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Our Billion Trees.

Join us in the mission of planting one billion trees.

About Our Billion Trees

Our Billion Trees is an inter-community program of curbing the erosion of mother Earth. This program promotes and carries out tree planting activities everywhere and every time. There is no better time to plant trees than now. We are therefore always in the now, planting trees to secure a future for mother Earth, humanity and all life.

We choose to plant trees and observe climate-friendly practices not because we are afraid of the consequences of no action but because we are inspired the cause to do so. We are motivated to take action because it is what it means to be a good and responsible citizen of mother Earth. The huge part of this program is mobilization of people, organizations and communities to foster action towards this program.

We Realise

We realise that planting trees is not enough; how they are planted and who gets to plant them also matter, greatly. This campaign is about raising awareness in a way that causes more members of society to understand the story of the climate, the earth and the just cause to pursue transformation of our intertwined fate over the affairs of  the Earth for the betterment of the future. 

Join the Cause

Join us plant trees in our places of work, business, streets, road-sides, homes, worship places and play grounds. We need more tree life on earth. Let’s add some life to our living. The earth is calling for you effort, don’t turn a deaf ear to that call. Plant a tree, raise awareness, invite a friend, involve your family and plant some more trees.

Plant a Tree

Let's Work Together