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Mental Health


Let's Acheive Mental Health Together

The most recent years have taught the entire world that we must esteem our social connections in order to sustain the needed emotional stability and mental sobriety of individuals, families and communities. Today, we are encountering escalating numbers of people falling prey to depression, self-harm, divorces, various forms of pain, unproductivity, including some people committing suicide. The numbers show that the normalcy social structure of the society is further breaking down. This programme is therefore designed to pursue and provide multilevel responses that are preventive, promotive, interventional, and mitigational among issues of mental mental for all. 

Pursuit Areas

We are reaching people through television, radios, magazines, newspapers, social media, text messages, emails, newsletters and community outreaches. Along the outreaches we carry out youth talks, family visitations, inspirational public talks, motivational conversations, walks, fitness exercises, sports, games, dramas, music and poetry – among many activities.

Share Your Heart with Us

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Time to take action

 Leaders, Friends, Experts

Where to start

Our Approach

We believe that we must start where we are; that we must get started with what we have; that the need we carry should inspire us more that the lack of capacity may demoralize us; and that there is the greatest power in a united force focused at making a difference. Visit our Facebook Group and share your story and inspiration.

We are looking forward

Upcoming Events

These are some of the upcoming events delivered the programme,
Let’s Achieve Mental Health Together!

There’s hope!

MENTAL HEALTH: Inter-Community Mental Health Relay - Saturday 25th Feb. 07:00 - 09:00 hours

Join us as we link communities and support centers across territories.

MENTAL HEALTH: MH Services Launch - Saturday 25th Feb. 2023, 09:00 hours to 10:00 hours

Join us as we activate various Mental Health services, platforms and initiatives.

MENTAL HEALTH: Building Pillars Online Conference - Saturday 25th Feb. 10:00 hours to 12:00 hours.

We are joining minds and hearts to share mental health support for all.