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Life Rehabilitation Program

Helping people heal from tobacco, alcohol and drugs abuses & addictions.

About the Program

The Life Rehab Program focuses efforts in communities territories where the key target beneficiaries reside.

Life Rehabilitation

The Life Rehabilitation program delivers a diverse and comprehensive transformatonal and empowerment marathon for people involved in abuses and addictions of drugs, alcohol and tobacco. In Zambia, a dangerous number of people constantly drown in excessive alcohol consumption, including children as young as 9 years old. 

Illicit drugs (heroin, cocaine etc) may seem too luxurious for the average community-based consumer but these substances are distributed all over in spaces where one may not even expect. Zambia’s youth are ailing, marriages are falling, the family unit is breaking-down, gender-based violence cases are at their peak numbers and prevalence of sexually transmitted infections catch high numbers due poor choices made in intoxicated moments.

Drugs.+ tobacco.+ Alcohol

Focus Areas

Awareness. Rehabiliation. Transformation.
Policy Advocacy. Empowerment.

1. Drugs

2. Alcohol

3. Tobacco

Therapeutic Counseling

Transformational and inspirational counselling

Education & Careers Success

Career guidance, planning, opportunities and pathways

Strategic Personal Life Forecast & Goals

Sustaining change, comprehensive life planning

Entrepreneurship Pursuits

Create ideas, start-develop-manage businesses

Family, Community & Society

Resuscitation, Reenergization, Reconciliation, Reintegration, Resilience


Create jobs, connect to jobs, achive success with jobs


The Foundation’s Life Rehabilitation Program delivers sensitization and education content to inform, inspire and challenge people towards personal transformation through diverse rehabilitation adventures. 

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Break the Chains - Show

TV & Onlne

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Break the Chains - Show


Break the Chains - Life

Community support group

Break the Chains - Life

Community Awareness Outreaches

Enrol. Volunteer. Support.

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