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The INTERNSHIP program f the Master Chimbala Foundation is a brilliant practical training ground for various people who are seeking to build their lives to high heights. The various serving and learning paths shaped through the INTERNSHIP curricula are outstanding and priceless.  Participants learn to work in teams, provide leadership, discover their own lives and sharpen their own future. This marathon is delivered through diverse encounters in difference places, tasks, challenges, communities, teams and situations. The goals of ‘LEARNING AND CHANGE’ are designed by Acme Mastering Institute, a partner of the Foundation in the scope of Counseling, Coaching, Training and Coaching.

Our ideology of INTERNSHIP is that the experience and journey should always be life-changing, unlimited, educative, flexible, impactful, diverse, all-inclusive, inspiring, modifiable and accessible. A good INTERNSHIP program should provide full guidance, information and customization for the remarkable INTERNSHIP experience. We aim to deliver such framework for our INTERNSHIP candidates. 

Our works range in various aspects, regions, communities, fraternities, industries, families, age-groups, services, ministries and sex. We encourage everyone who is seeking a spot for INTERNSHIP with the Foundation to thoroughly and adequately share their aspirations, goals, needs, interests, talents and other attributes of their INTERNSHIP wishes. Our INTERNSHIP program is designed for persons from the age of 17 years going upwards. Where a candidate is younger than 21 years old, their application must be accompanied with appropriate documentation from parents/guardians, sponsors and other relevant key stakeholders. Participants can serve for a few weeks or months up-to a year.

INTERNS can serve in any combination of the programs below

You are welcome to choose the programs in which you wish to participate during your internship.  Fill-in the application form further below

Communities & Families

Reaching out  to communities

face, black child, child

Children & Youths

Embracing the young

Nature & Development

Pursuing Growth

Arrangements for Foundation Interns

Your INTERNSHIP with the Foundation is managed by specific offices and organizers. INTERNS are provided with relevance guidance, orientation and documentation necessary for the effective execution of daily operations. 

MCF being in the network of various change agents organizations enjoys a wide range of thematic partnerships and collaborations with different projects, programs and activities. Upon confirmation of enrollment into the INTERNSHIP program periodic schedules are drawn and shared with INTERNS to enable planning and execution of duties. 

The Foundation provides opportunities in training sessions, coaching, counseling and mentorship for INTERNS. At the end of INTERNSHIPS, the INTERNS are awarded Certificates of Volunteer Service and a Recommendation Letter at held Graduation and Gratitude Ceremony. 

Steps to Foundation INTERNSHIP

01. Enroll

02. Serve

03. Close

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Share a bit on any forms of education, skills, learning, workshops and seminars that you have so far attended.
Share a bit on any kinds of works you have done in any area. This shall help us link some of your areas of strength with our organizational needs.
Share any reasons and goals for pursuing to serve as an INTERN with the Foundation.
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