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Drug Enforcement Commission

in partnership with

Master Chimbala Foundation


Inspirational Voices

Speech. Poetry. Song.


A Youth Campaign Towards Sobriety

Inspirational Voices

General Information

It is an interesting switch from 2022 to 2023 with this great content featuring young people from across the entire Zambia. This venture is calling upon youths to share their inspirational messages in speech, poetry and song targeting other youths. Each participating candidate shall formulate their own message into any of the 3 art forms: Speech, Poetry or Song. In the presentation they shall aim at giving a message that shall inspire the targeted audience to desist from using or trafiking in Tobacco, Drugs and/or Alcohol.

The Drug Enforcement Commission together with the Master Chimbala Foundation has fostered to pursue this nationwide project in order to provide opportunities for personal change among young people across the country. The commission carries out various educational and counseling services for persons who seek for help. Are these services are FREE. 


Who can participate?

Candidates who wish to take part in this contest should be Zambian and at least 18 years old. Both girls and boys are encouraged to participate.

How should the video be made?

It is your own journey!

How should the video be submitted?

It is your own journey!

How do contestants win?

It is your own journey!

How many participants can emerge as winners?

It is your own journey!

Calendar of the Contest

About the Awards Ceremony Event

The three Top Winners shall be invited to attend the Awards Ceremony event in Lusaka where they shall be crowned Top National Winners and awarded their prizes. The event shall be hosted the Drug Enforcement Commission (DEC). As partners, the Master Chimbala Foundation shall be on hand to carry the event together with the commission. Logistics for the 3 winning participants to successfully attend the event shall be covered the organizing team. The event shall be held on Friday, 27th January 2023 at 10:00 hours.


First Prize

Second Prize

Third Prize

District Consolation Prizes

Two participating candidates from each District comprising a girl and a boy shall be crowned District Winners and awarded consolations prizes which shall be delivered/sent to them postage using the contact details provided the respective candidates. The following awards shall be given to the District Winners:

Speech. Poetry. Song.

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