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Get Inspired for Mental Health

A Partnership Project by

Master Chimbala Foundation

with support from

National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA)

Pillar 1

Building the mind and heart of gratitude among individuals, families and communities.

Pillar 2

Building a character of positive ambitions and aspirations to equip the stamina of foresight among the citizenry.

Pillar 3

Inspire a deep sense of faith in the diverse indigenous, goals,  experiences and capacities.

Pillar 4

Challenging people towards positive action, service, outreach, volunteerism and collaborations.

Pillar 5

Uplifting peope towards building and sustaining healthy relationships and support pillars.

Special Thanks to

The National Health Insurance Management Authority (NHIMA)

“We are tremendously thankful to NHIMA for partnering with us to implement our inspirational approach to dealing with mental health issues in Zambia. NHIMA’s faith in our work represents the hope we all carry for our people. Indeed, with NHIMA, No One is Left Behind!”

Master Chimbala - DIRECTOR


Time To Make a Difference

Get Inspired for Mental Health

General Information

We walk on soils of a nation that is so quickly losing lives through suicides. More people have become broken and less productive amidst all sorts of pains including depression, anguish, and despair. Some people’s mental and emotional state of well-being is agitated and unstable. The Get Inspired media presentation pursues to proactively equip society with cushioning and encouraging content built from different thematic areas of life. This media concept is all about inspiring and motivating the Zambian people towards personal strength, self-care, resilience, neighbourliness, sobriety, focus, patriotism, and several other key thematic areas.

This outreach is intended to reach every age-group, gender, families, organization, institution, government department, and communities. We believe that this venture shall awaken more than just a nationwide conversation but also action at different levels of society.

Candidates who wish to take part in this contest should be Zambian and at least 18 years old. Both girls and boys are encouraged to participate.


This programme activates in December 2022 and runs through the first quarter of the year 2023.

Support Resources

MCF is on hand to build resources, activities and platforms to help inspire people towards inspired capacities for holistic strength. Visit any of the following platforms fore more.

Get Inspired Helping Other People.

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