Education Support

Help us carry vulnerable children and youths through school.

Our Focus

We are enabling children and youths to access education with professional aspiration, character development, life mentorship, personal growth and empowerment opportunities.

Support Growth

The Education Support acknowledges the various needs of young people that go beyond the scope of education. Thus, support efforts are designed to make ease the life of the children and youths in other areas as well.

Pre-School and Primary School Education

The Education Support program seeks to provide support for children to pre-school and primary school education. The early years of a child are critical and must be carried with care and deliberateness. 

Secondary School Education

This part of the Education Support program covers young people accessing secondary school education from grade 8 to grade 12.

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Tertiary Education: University/ College

A dosage of tertiary education enables a young person to aspire more and achieve greater levels of personal success for their sustenance. Through this empowered path they develop the capacity to support their families and communities. Our efforts in tertiary education provide a support facility that covers all their learning requirements, upkeep, accommodation and personal needs.  Candidates who are enrolled into this space are persons without the means to covers these costs, let alone provide for their daily upkeep and accommodation.

Support a Student to School

Join us to support children and youths into school.