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DONATIONS Terms & Conditions


This terms and conditions outline are made to guide the activities of contributions made to the Master Chimbala Foundation and factor of operations and utilization. These terms stipulate unreservedly the conditions which the auto-initiated agreement between the giver of a donation and the receiver, herein the said Foundation share in the expectations of collaborations especially involving donations.


Where you the giver may have any questions, concerns, suggestions, recommendations and ideas to share with the foundation, please do not hesitate to reach us email on the address


1.      The giver acknowledges that the Foundation provides various charity and humanitarian services to individuals, families, groups and communities.

2.      All contributions made to the Foundation shall support the various activities along the implementation of the Foundation’s mission.

3.      Where a giver specifies their intended activity, project or program to apply their support, such a wish shall be fulfilled.

4.      Where a donation has been made wrongly to the Foundation a reversal may be effected provided such demand is made within 3 days from the date of making the donation. Such amount shall be affected applicable liabilities including fees from service providers such as payment solutions, banks and other service entities.

5.      Where a donation is deemed reversible such reversal shall be carried out within twenty one days from the date of confirmation of the reversal.

6.      Any personal details of the giver shall be treated as confidential and may only be sued for internal records and statutory submissions – where applicable.

7.      The giver shall only be publicized where they permit such publication.