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Christmas Party Street Kids

Let’s make every child smile at Christmas this year 2021! 

Street Kids Party

Saturday, 25th December 2021

making children happy in safe spaces

We are hosting a Christmas Party for Street Children on Saturday, 25th December 2021. It is a place where children shall enjoy singing, dancing, playing, eating and drinking with each other in a safe space with the support of volunteers and our local scouts. The foundation is mobilizing organizing teams, venues, music and local arrangements. Join us contributing cakes, drinks, water, biscuits, pop-corns, sweets, balloons, some money and more.  Donate below with your credit card or mobile money.

Email, Call, SMS, WhatsApp to contribute: 00260955721515,

Give Anything.

Street Children's Christmas Party

Children's Kitchen Play Park, Great East Road: Saturday, 25th December 202109:00 to 16:00 hours