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Champions of Change

Agents of Positive Change

About the Champions

We all take as many steps as is required to pursue and achieve our dreams. This program is not just about dreams and celebrations. It focuses on causing significant change in people’s lives enabling key empowerment capacities for people who are a hub of possibilities for others. These candidates of potential must be able to exhibit along their track record that they have capacity to soar through to the end, given that One STEP Support.

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The Foundation champions empowerment efforts that enable people to pursue exploring and developing their own capacities in knowledge, experience, skills, networks, enterprise, talent, careers, communities and families. The Support One STEP Program  targets individuals and in some situations families who are at the edge of a breakthrough into a realm of self-sustenance but require a push to achieve their sought dream, freedom and lifestyle. This program embraces any person or people who fit the target profile and stands at the edge of a certain breakthrough.

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