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Celebrate Older Persons

Embracing senior citizens with love, support, recognition & Participation.

3rd October to 9th October 2022.

Celebrate Older Persons?

The Master Chimbala Foundation (MCF) believes in celebrating Senior Citizens because they are the cornerstone of our society at every level. They represent our pivotal identity as individuals, families, communities, the society and the nation. Built into the fabric of our existence is the deepest aspirations and achievements of the aged.

Humanity cannot lead life into a future that is not founded, inspired and informed the older seasons of the senior citizens. Now, more than ever before the voice and guidance of older persons is desperately needed to rehabilitate society into a more sober, purposeful, deliberate, sane, thoughtful, compassionate and sustainable family.

We must therefore celebrate, recognize and acknowledge Older Persons in every way possible. Remember that involving Senior Citizens is another great way of celebrating their lives – past, present and future. Let’s invite them to be part of our every day lives and activities.

How to Celebrate Older Persons this week

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This year 2022, pick any cool way to celebrate older persons in your home, community, area or any older person you are able to reach. 

Remember that most Older Persons are often alone without people to chat with or share stories. Some of them just wish to share a smile, a hand-shake, a hug, tell a story, share a meal with someone or hear someone tell them that they are loved and special.


Older women and their resilience and contributions.

Share Your Love!

How have you chosen

To celebrate Older Persons this October 2022.

Pick any of the suggested activities on this page and share your adventures on social media with the recommended tags: @HelpAge @HelpAgeAfrica #MySeniorMoment #ChimbalaElders.

You can take up any number of the suggested activities. You can also carrying out your own activities. We are promoting this special experience in the week of Monday 3rd October to Sunday 9th October 2022. You can use your social media platforms to share your experiences, and you can also send to so that we share them on other platforms as well. Just remember to add the 3 recommended tags to your posts: @HelpAge @HelpAgeAfrica  #MySeniorMoment #ChimbalaElders

Thank you for your love!!!

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