African Bola

Reaching out to communities with our our local African Soccer for all.

2020 UNITY, PEACE & HEALTH Tournament:
Saturday, 10th October 2020.

About African Bola

African Bola is a community-driven football tournament carried in the vintage African style. It brings together people of different backgrounds including youths, children and the elderly within local communities to cooperate and compete in social tournaments. Activities of benefit are run in health, education, awareness, peace-building and local entrepreneurship.

Celebrating Diversity

What we achieve

African Bola gives opportunities for recreation, sports development, child play, social interaction, community awareness building, compassionate outreaches, local collaborations and entrepreneurship.  

African Bola for PEACE & UNITY

Inspiring and sustaining peace, unity and reconciliation.

African Bola for AWARENESS

Carrying out community awareness activities in various thematic areas.

African Bola for HEALTH

Delivering health services, promotions and referrals.


Launching, activating and promoting local entrepreneurship.

Give to help families and children during this Covid-19 Crisis.