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African Bola

Reaching out to communities with our our local African Soccer for all.


72 Tribes Bola Games

This is a great football match of 72 tribes played right in the community at OlympAfrica, the heart of community activities. Participants are drawn from various sections and backgrounds, each carrying the branding of one Zambian tribe. A participating player shall represent each tribe, regardless of the player’s own tribe. The main event shall start at 09:00 hours, rolling through diverse activities between 09:00 hours and 12:00 hours. This day’s game shall mark the official kick-off of the “FREE from Drugs, Alcohol and Tobacco Products” Tournament for Children and Adolescents, as detailed further below and on the African Bola website.

Several football balls made out of reused materials, especially plastic, will be presented at the end of the main game. Young people from various communities will have made all of the balls. Each ball shall be granted an educational award for the makers of the balls. This is to advance awareness of climate change and catalyse positive action among young people in communities towards good environmental practices. The balls will be the only ones used throughout the “FREE from Drugs and Alcohol” Tournament, slated to run in the second quarter of 2024.

July 2024.
08:00 hours to 12:00 hours

OlympAfrica Grounds

* 1 game
* 60 minutes
* 72 players


Upcoming Tournament


For children and adolescents

May 2024 to July 2024.

This tournament shall be hosted at 12 different community play grounds with the participation of young people between 10 and 16 years old. 

About African Bola

African Bola is a community-driven football tournament carried out in vintage African style. It brings together people of different backgrounds, including youths, children and the elderly, within local communities to cooperate and compete in social tournaments. Activities of benefit are run in health, education, awareness, peace-building and local entrepreneurship.

What we achieve

African Bola gives opportunities for recreation, sports development, child play, social interaction, community awareness building, compassionate outreaches, local collaborations and entrepreneurship.  

African Bola for PEACE & UNITY

Inspiring and sustaining peace, unity and reconciliation.

African Bola for AWARENESS

Carrying out community awareness activities in various thematic areas.

African Bola for HEALTH

Delivering health services, promotions and referrals.


Launching, activating and promoting local entrepreneurship.

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