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About us old

About Us

The Master Chimbala Foundation is a charity humanitarian organization working among children, youths and families in Zambia.

The Foundation

MCF acknowledges that human pain, suffering and perpetual decay of mother Earth continue to manifest. Our efforts seek with great guidance not to repeat efforts that are already delivered and  successfully yielding desired fruits among the same constituents. 

We are however inspired to venture into programs and activities that catapult transformational, comprehensive and sustainable interventions whether in education, lifestyles, culture, relationships, family stability, child welfare, mindsets, enterprise, personal development and in other ventures.



The affairs of children and women must be dealt with at surgical depth and with strategic calculation. The Foundation’s existence seeks to contribute viable efforts towards making our world better for the futures of tomorrow. We also recognize that there must be ardent and effective responses exuded towards the challenges of our time, and also foster proactive innovative programs that prevent germination, repetition, perpetuity and perennial occurrence of pain, poverty, injustice, suffering and environmental degradation.

Our Vision

Our vision of the society is to see: 

Children, Youths, Families and Communities lead healthy, progressive, responsible, productive and sustainable livelihoods while nurturing nature towards ecological stability.

Life Rehab Program

Addressing alcohol and drugs addictions and abuses among communities.