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Children, Youths, Families & Communities.
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MCF acknowledges that human pain, suffering and the perpetual decay of the earth continue to manifest. Our efforts seek, with great guidance, not to repeat efforts that have already been delivered while successfully yielding the desired fruits among the same constituents. 

We are, however, inspired to pursue programmes and activities that catapult comprehensive, transformational  and sustainable interventions in education, lifestyles, culture, relationships, family stability, child welfare, innovation, livelihoods, mindsets, enterprise, personal development and other ventures.

MCF is a charity and humanitarian organisation registered with the Ministry of Community Development and Social Services (MCDSS) under the NGOs Act Number 16 of 2009.

Target Groups

making a difference


Building family foundations and capacity for sustainable livelihoods that enable the comprehensive welfare of children's education, upbringing, play, health, protection and continuous development.

Community Outreaches

Outreaches to communities with awareness activities, transformational education, empowerment & livelihoods ventures and development programs.


Outreaches, Support and collaborations with other organizations delivering support activities especially among community, clubs, and faith-based organizations and associations.


Special reach to children in various communities including street children among whom we deliver the Street Kid's Kitchen programme and the Back Home Child - re/integration programme.

Youths & Adolescents

Mentoring and inspiring the young people towards character building, career success, entrepreneurship, personal leadership, self-responsibility and enhanced productivity.


An equipping touch on the lives of young people in learning institutions from community schools, general primary and secondary schools. Delivering extracurricular training, mentoring, inspiration and guidance.


Our vision of the society is to see: : 

Children, Youths, Families and Communities lead healthy, progressive, responsible, productive and sustainable lives while nurturing nature towards ecological stability.


thematic areas

Empowering Programmes

True change must enable people to keep moving towards growth.

Street Kid's Kitchen

Food, Drink, Clothing, Social Integration

Daily meals for street children provided  with positive social interactions, family tracing, community linkages.

Life Rehabilitation

Psycho-Social, Physical, Medical

Transformational mitigations, interventions, and support activities for people addicted to tobacco products, alcohol, and drugs. 

Christmas Child

Clothes, Toys, Food, Drink

Christmas outreaches sharing foodstuffs, clothes and toys to children in various communities.

Back Home Child

Family, Home, Shelter, Education, Health

Reintegrating children from the streets to homes and families with activation of access to education, community, support systems, guardianship and play.

African Bola

Climate, Play, Young Leadership, Health

Engaging children, youths and parents in the local football sport of bola for all ages, gender and communities towards climate awareness, building health, training young leaders and providing spaces for play.

Scouts Program

Nurturing the Young with Nature +

Shaping the explorative minds and lives of young people through a marathon of adventures, mentoring and embracing environmental, life and survival skills.

Our Billion Trees

Environment, Climate Change Response

A mission to mobilize society towards the planting of one billion trees in Zambia.

Gardens of Life

Home-grown food, Outreaches

Planting vegetable gardens for needy families in communities.

Village Libraries

Books, Reading, Writing, Communicating

Establishing village libraries for children in local communities and villages. 

Our Blog

Latest News

Latest updates of the Foundation’s platforms. 

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Thank you for sharing back with us your word of encounter with the Foundation.

I am very thankful for enabling my journey through university. I had no hope of getting into tertiary education until the Foundation opened the door for me. I come from an area where I am the only one who completed secondary school. It was my greatest hope to do more acquiring tertiary education. Really, thank you!
John Chiputa
Mumbwa, Zambia
To be given the opportunity to work among children, youths and families has been a blessing for me. It has always been my desire to help others. I am therefore grateful to the Foundation for supporting me with outreach opportunities. I also believe that the work we do is important and that we should continue.
Racheal Daka
Lusaka, Zambia