40 Days of M.A.D.ness

Make A Difference (MAD)

for Street Children, Families, Communities & Nature

A great hero is a person who  dares to run MAD to help others


10th July to
10th August 2020
Registrations & Placements

Registration of all participants, volunteers, teams, media supporters, stakeholders, participants and community groups.

1st Sept. to
9th Oct. 2020
MADness Activities

Complete implementation of MADness activities by all participating candidates .

10th Oct.
Final Run to Unity Assembly

Diversity, Unity and Peace ceremony for all.

10th Oct.
Match-Past, Graduation Conference & Concert

Match-past from Dion to Centre, My Fresh Voice Concert, Vibrant Poetry Presentations, All Activities Grand Finale and Graduation of Ambassadors, Volunteers, Children, Youths, Guardians, Partners, Stakeholders and Community Leaders.

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Delivering lasting change is about enabling the beneficiaries to learn the art of sustainable livelihoods. Join us to make a great difference.


This is a great path of change and support for the many needy people in communities. With collaborations and partnerships the load is easier.

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