Street Children's Kitchen

Sharing Meals and Drink with Street Children and Other Homeless People



You cannot teach a dead man to fish; nor can fishers of men fish dead men.


In the urgency of survival a delayed meal can determine a denied life. This is why the Master Chimbala Foundation carries out  the Street Children’s Kitchen program. The program provides meals and drinks to Street Children and other homeless and street begging individuals around our society. We acknowledge that we cannot teach a dead man to fish; but that we must first save and serve them as we provide empowerment, education and opportunities for self-growth and capacity building towards survival. We hope you can walk with us on this marathon.

Production, Mobilization & Packaging

Putting together food and drink

We mobilize and package food and drink for Street Children and other street-begging dwellers.

Strengthened Collaborations & Outreaches

Partnering in service to others

We work with all kinds of people in shaping ideas, building capacity, delivering service and embracing lives.

Giving to the hungry & thirsty

Reaching out to Street Children+

We simply aim to deliver a smile, a drink and a meal. Where a meal is shared a kind friendship is made.

Why do we do this?

Because we cannot postpone or procrastinate the pain of others.

Especially for Street Children, we must embrace and inspire them, and create a warm path of empowerment, guardianship and support for each one of them. Our society is at its weakest when it fails to carry with it the weakest members of its core. How can we seek to pursue destiny when the true holders of the same are left broken and dead far behind the prosperity lines?

We as the Master Chimbala Foundation are very passionate about making a difference in every small way possible and expand in greater ways reachable. By sharing food and drink we thus enable the activation of new hope, new grounds, new prospects and new layers of achievements. While we cultivate long-term opportunities for livelihoods transformation and empowerment, we must still feed the day of hunger and thirst, in the now. We cannot move forward teaching people how to fish if their day of graduation only arrives several days after they have died of hunger. We must instead support them now while we inculcate and invest in them the means for self-reliance and independent capacities for self-sustenance. 

Share Your Support for Some Meals

Each donation matters, even the smallest ones.



Street Children

Shelter. Care. Food

Young People

Educate. Mentor


Train. Equip. Mentor

Gardens of Life

Veg. Food. Families

Nurturing Nature

Plants. Air. Water+

Life Rehabilitation.

Tobacco. Drugs. Alcohol